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I'm fundraising to support millions affected by lung disease during the coronavirus crisis.

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Thank you for visiting my Take Steps page. This September I'm getting active to raise money to help people with lung conditions get the support they need. I'm fundraising for the British Lung Foundation, the only charity that supports all 12 million people with a lung condition in the UK.

The BLF knows just how difficult the current crisis has been for people with a lung condition. Their Helpline alone has been receiving up to 3x more calls than normal and they're working round the clock to make sure people get the support they need, helping to ease the strain on the NHS. They're publishing up to date advice and information every day but they need support...

Every £57 I raise through my Take Steps pays for a nurse to work on the Helpline for 1 hour, meaning that those in need can receive crucial medical advice and support when they need it most.

Support my challenge by donating or joining my Take Steps team today!

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Harley Quinn

Sunday 27th Sep

I'm meant to be Harley Quinn

Sunday 27th Sep
But I look more like Harley Quinn's very cold rather than very cool aunty.

It's a bit chilly today

Thursday 24th Sep

Doing my walk in the dress I wore for my best friend's wedding

Thursday 24th Sep

Doing my walk in the dress I wore for my best friend's wedding

Thursday 24th Sep

Scuse the socks

Wednesday 23rd Sep

Doing my walk in my wedding dress

Wednesday 23rd Sep

Doing my walk in my wedding dress

Wednesday 23rd Sep

Day 9

Wednesday 9th Sep
Today my walks were the rob Roy way & Benn nevis. I walked 7.7k in 2.5 hours.

Day 8

Tuesday 8th Sep
Today I started in Yellowstone national park & finished in Cornwall. I walked 5.1k in 2 hours.

Day 7

Monday 7th Sep
Week 1 is done already! I walked 8.2k in 2 hours & 50 minutes while watching virtual walks in devon & Cornwall with cornish walking trails. 

Such a fabulous view

Monday 7th Sep

The coast near allhallows in kent

Monday 7th Sep

Day 6

Monday 7th Sep
I went out  for the 1st time since lockdown. It's my nan's birthday & I was so desperate to see my grandparents. I didn't go into the house but it was so lovely to be near them. They live on the Kent coast & I had a lovely walk on the beach & along the sea wall. I walked 4k in 2 hours.

Day 5

Sunday 6th Sep
My 1st walk today was in the Costa brava. I squeezed it in between 3rd practice & quali. My 2nd walk was in the botanical gardens in Edinburgh & was fitted inbetween quali & the England game. Its been my busiest day for ages!

Day 4

Friday 4th Sep
Today I started in Thailand & finished in Cornwall. I walked 6.5k in 2.5 hours. 

Day 3

Thursday 3rd Sep
My 1st walk today was in Montana with city walks & Thailand with the silent Walker. I walked 5.3k in 2 hours & 20 minutes. 

Day 2

Wednesday 2nd Sep
Today I started with a lovely riverside walk in Utah followed by a stunning walk in st. Ives during lockdown. 

Look at the size of my blister!

Wednesday 2nd Sep
I won't let it stop me though

Excited to start the challenge

Wednesday 2nd Sep
I'm raring to go & looking forward to reaching my goal & making a useful amount of money for BLF. Thank you to everyone whose donated but please only donate if you can spare the money. Thank you & take care out there x


Friday 14th Aug
I'm walking 3 miles round my garden each day while watching virtual walks on u tube.  I've worked up to this over a few months as the start of lockdown left me really weak & stiff cause I was walking only to get about in my house & this wasn't enough to keep this body going so I have new determination to walk every day.

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Good Luck Chloe ☘️


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Well done Chloe!xx



Good luck! Love Amy, Adrian & Aaron xxx



Great cause . Good luck Chloe


Chloe Slasberg


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Well done Clo. Go for it xxx


Sarah (cornish Walking Trails)

Good luck with your fundraising, Sarah :)


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