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I'm fundraising to support millions affected by lung disease during the coronavirus crisis.

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Thank you for visiting my Take Steps page. This September I'm getting active to raise money to help people with lung conditions get the support they need. I'm fundraising for the British Lung Foundation, the only charity that supports all 12 million people with a lung condition in the UK.

The BLF knows just how difficult the current crisis has been for people with a lung condition. Their Helpline alone has been receiving up to 3x more calls than normal and they're working round the clock to make sure people get the support they need, helping to ease the strain on the NHS. They're publishing up to date advice and information every day but they need support...

Every £57 I raise through my Take Steps pays for a nurse to work on the Helpline for 1 hour, meaning that those in need can receive crucial medical advice and support when they need it most.

Support my challenge by donating or joining my Take Steps team today!

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A big thank you

Wednesday 14th Oct
I'd like to thank everyone who sponsored either Nicky and me either separately or jointly on the team page, The Babbling Brooks raised over £700 to help raise funds for The British Lung Foundation, who are receiving ever more inquiries during the present time.
Both Nicky and I enjoyed our walks, albeit a considerable distance apart.

From Paignton bus to station to Torquay Harbour

Wednesday 30th Sep
My wettest walk in 30 days, I've been very lucky.

My walk with fellow team member, my sister Nicola Warwick

Saturday 26th Sep
You suggested a fun way to highlight our walks and fundraising efforts this weekend, we didn't don fancy dress or put on our best clothes, WE JUST WALKED TOGETHER, I live in Torquay, my sister in London, so we met for breakfast and walked from Waterloo, underneath the London Eye, across Westminster Bridge, before going a little astray. Back on track we went through St James's Park and Green Park where we went our separate ways, one to the Jubilee line and I carried on through Hyde Park and on to Paddington station. 
I'm now homeward bound!!    

From Paddington station to Waterloo via The Royal Parks

Friday 25th Sep
Pulling a wheelie suitcase and carrying a shoulder bag of plants for Nicola Warwick's garden. Took me two hours and I did experience some breathing difficulties, I wore a face covering in

Exciting way to 10,000 steps

Wednesday 23rd Sep
At the point I was dropped at Torquay station this morning, I had done all of 280 steps.
Meeting my daughter, walking to, and around Ikea twice, by the time I reached home I'd achieved more than 10,000 steps.
I'm sitting down with a cup of tea before sorting supper!!

Saturday walk

Sunday 20th Sep
A frequently trodden path today, had intended to do an additional circuit, but after an afternoon helping at the local flu clinic, had lost my get up and go!! Fortunately there was a sufficient reserve to


Friday 11th Sep
Yesterday I walked about 9 km, a good bit of it along the beach and Maer in Exmouth, today in total contrast went kitchen shopping with my daughter in Ikea and clocked up over 6km just walking around the store, not to mention the walk from the station to the store. Tomorrow I'll be breathing fresh air while I walk!

Walk along the strand

Wednesday 9th Sep
It was a glorious day so decided to catch the open top bus before they may have to suddenly stop!! Return walk was partially road based before I could access the beach, then I went barefoot for about 3km over a mixture of very gritty shingle, a slightly larger, more comfortable shingle, concrete promenade, rather than scrabbling over the rocks, sand and finally grass before putting my sandals back on.
Where will I go today?

Learning to pace myself!

Sunday 6th Sep
Yesterday's walk involved going to the Post Office to send a light parcel. Not certain when the PO closed, so walked briskly, able to give others a wide berth. Arrived at PO out of breath, needed to queue outside, still hadn't got my breath to normal when it was time to don my face covering and enter. I'd never experienced anything like it before, the mask really cut down on my ability to catch my breath and it made talking to the clerk quite difficult.
Lesson, walk more slowly, find a seat to regain composure before donning a mask in future!!
Stay safe everyone.

Welcome to a new member

Monday 31st Aug
I've received notification from BLF that a new member has joined the team, despite logging in, I cannot find out who you are, sorry, but a great big WELCOME! 
I will be sponsoring the team, but I left my purse with cards at Ellie's!!

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Collette Richoux

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Thanks for walking with me today


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Well done, Collette!


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Awesome work Collette! Keep it up!


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Hope you're well.


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You kept it going through the month


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Your feet are keeping in good condition 😉


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Keep going to the end of the month to raise some more for the BLF