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I'm fundraising to support millions affected by lung disease during the coronavirus crisis.

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Thank you for visiting my Take Steps page. This September I'm getting active to raise money to help people with lung conditions get the support they need. I'm fundraising for the British Lung Foundation, the only charity that supports all 12 million people with a lung condition in the UK.

The BLF knows just how difficult the current crisis has been for people with a lung condition. Their Helpline alone has been receiving up to 3x more calls than normal and they're working round the clock to make sure people get the support they need, helping to ease the strain on the NHS. They're publishing up to date advice and information every day but they need support...

Every £57 I raise through my Take Steps pays for a nurse to work on the Helpline for 1 hour, meaning that those in need can receive crucial medical advice and support when they need it most.

Support my challenge by donating or joining my Take Steps team today!

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Monday 14th Sep
So here we are halfway through the month and I’m almost halfway towards my steps target. I need to step (no pun intended) my walking. I would like to think I can step up my fund raising but I can’t seem to motivate people to give.  I always try to support other people’s causes as I know everyone has their own favourite causes but the ability to breathe is essential for life and impacts on so many diseases. I guess the ability to breathe normally is something we do so automatically that until it is taken away from us we don’t think about it. Still onward and upward. Off for another walk now. 

Target setting

Wednesday 9th Sep
So at the beginning I set myself a target of walking 10k in the month. I soon realised that was unrealistically low. So I upped to to 50k. Here we are 9 days in and I’ve reached 30k. Time to up it again to 100k. 

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