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I'm fundraising to support millions affected by lung disease during the coronavirus crisis.

My story:

Hi! I’m Sophia (8) and with my brother, Mahdi (6), I’m raising money for people with lung conditions! We’re going to walk 50km this month!

Thank you for visiting my Take Steps page. This September I'm getting active to raise money to help people with lung conditions get the support they need. I'm fundraising for the British Lung Foundation, the only charity that supports all 12 million people with a lung condition in the UK.

The BLF knows just how difficult the current crisis has been for people with a lung condition. Their Helpline alone has been receiving up to 3x more calls than normal and they're working round the clock to make sure people get the support they need, helping to ease the strain on the NHS. They're publishing up to date advice and information every day but they need support...

Every £57 I raise through my Take Steps pays for a nurse to work on the Helpline for 1 hour, meaning that those in need can receive crucial medical advice and support when they need it most.

Support my challenge by donating or joining my Take Steps team today!

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Fayemina Rajpal

Keep up with the inspirational work!


Niki Avraam

You go girl!


Nasreen Asaria

What a wonderful initiative! Good luck :)


Mohamed &muslim Jagani

Great Project. Awesome Challenge.


Kate Flanagan

Well done Sophia! And Madhi! Love from Oscar


Sophia Ali


Mathan Theva

Well done Sophia and Mahdi for raising money for an excellent cause! We'll be cheering you on! Mathan, Luckie and Kylesh


Siddiqa Raza

Keep up the good work



Good Luck and well done. You both are amazing. Love Nano, Meeli & Riya


Aunty F

Sophia and Mahdi. Well done. So proud of you both. You can do this and Insh you will go well over your target. Love you lots and hope to see you soon. Marium. These kids are a credit to you and hubby Mashallah. Keep raising them as you are. Love you all 🥰


Zainab Hussain

Well done kids! Love from Khala Zainab xx


Sujeevan Kanageswaran

Well done Sophia!x


Masooma Naqvi

Well done Sophia! Super proud of you guys! Can’t wait to hear about your walking adventures! Lots of love & duas from Khala mashoo and girls xxx


Ambra Caruso

Well-done Sophia and Mahdi!! From Maya, Alba and Nico


Kulsoom Naqvi

Well done Sophia & Mahdi. Very proud of you and wish you good luck! Love you lots and pray for you loads! Love from your grandmother Nono


Fatima, Yusuf And Zeynab Baig

You guys are amazing mashallah as always. Love you 😘😘😘😘


Abida Ali

Well done guys


Areeb Azam

Good luck


Shipa Shamsher

All the best!


Farzana Walji


Fatma Kanji

Salam kids. This is a little motivation from one of the elder aunties (Aunty M J) from Hyderi. She’s well impressed. Keep going and Insh you will achieve ur goal. Love you lots. Aunty F💓



Well Done Kiddo's ♥️ Such a lovely and responsible gesture!! And a big well Done To Mamma Mariam xx


Hari Siva

Great cause - well done!


Marlene Zammit

Well done Sophia. Nothing else is more rewarding than giving and helping others. xx


Farah Al-sader

Super proud of you beautiful Sophia! You’ve grown up to be a strong and inspirational woman just like your mama - Mashallah! Best of luck and lots love


Osman Khawaja

Good luck Sophia and Mahdi. Wish you all the best and well done for supporting a lovely charity.


Saf Kherdin


Lynsey, Arnaud, Abel And Camille

Good luck Mahdi and Sophia and well done!


Pio Pancratius

well done and good luck! 👍


Thavam Family

Good luck Sophia, an impressive challenge for a great cause, from Janan and family x


Aliena, Amelie, James And Anne

Amazing effort Mahdi and Sophia! Good luck x


Veronica Oliveira

Well done for this amazing achievement.


Tabassum Mithwani

May you achieve all the success. Great Job Sophia and Mahdi.


Alex West

Well done!!


Brianne Ehrenkranz

Sophia and Mahdi We are happy to get to support you in this great cause and wish you happy feet for your walking. The Ehrenkranz Family


Uncle Ganthi

Great initiative Sophia! Good luck!


Tharsen Santhagunanathan

Well done and great effort



Well done Sophia! Love Bee xx


Lee Ford



Andy Adwick

Amazing cause! Well done guys.


Haran Mahalingam

Good luck! Amazing cause! Lots of love ... Haran x


Gaurang Patel

Good Luck !


Sally Piasecki

Good Luck Sophia from Oliver and family x


The Ubhis

Good luck Sophia and Mahdi walking and raising money for a great cause.


Wai Lam-richardson

You’re amazing Sophia. Good luck and I am cheering for you.


Naseem Nalla

Good luck with your run




Sania Jamal

Weldone Sophia , best of luck


Fatima Gulamhusein

Such a great cause Mashallah !! Well done Sophia & Mahdi 😍😍


Pyemont Family

Go go go! Well done Sophia!!


Huda Hamid

Amazing Mashallah well done!!!


Mary Richmond

Good luck on your walk