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I'm fundraising to support millions affected by lung disease during the coronavirus crisis.

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Thank you for visiting my Take Steps page. This September I'm getting active to raise money to help people with lung conditions get the support they need. I'm fundraising for the British Lung Foundation, the only charity that supports all 12 million people with a lung condition in the UK. This is a charity close to my heart (and lungs). 

As a young child I was diagnosed with Asthma, it is something that I have grown up with and has since become a part of my daily life. Growing up my Asthma had a real impact on me and I would frequently have Asthma attacks. Through the help of others and medication such as inhalers I have learnt to control my Asthma and how to make breathing easier; although my Asthma has become milder because of this, it still affects me on a daily basis and can be affected by a variety of things. Within my family, my dad is also affected by lung disease.

In 2012 my dad was diagnosed with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. COPD is something which affects his breathing and is a condition which worsens over time. Since he was diagnosed, my dad's condition has worsened and is in the severe stage of it. The condition affects his breathing greatly making the simplest of tasks extremely difficult from going up the stairs to simply walking from one room to another. At present he relies on his mobility scooter and a walker when out and about; he also takes a variety of medication to help control his COPD and help his breathing.

The work of the British Lung Foundation are helping people like myself and my dad. They are a charity who have been researching lung conditions for over 30 years and remains at the heart of what they do. Their aim is to improve care and to prevent, treat and cure lung diseases. Through your support and donations you will help the British Lung Foundation to bring hope to others through investing in research. To bring help for others through supporting people with lung conditions and their families. You a giving a voice to others calling for change and ensuring that individuals receive the medication and support they need. 

Your support will help to make a difference to families like mine.

Thank you,

Siân x

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